I’m only spinning

It’s starting to get harder for me to exercise like I would like. I have had to stop running due to back pain, so I picked up spinning/cycling class. I go two days a week on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings. I’m trying to walk two or three days a week, and doing small weights at least one day. But now, as I’m hitting 32 weeks, it’s getting a little more difficult. The spin bike is really REALLY REALLY (I cannot emphasize this enough) starting to hurt my tailbone. And my back is starting to hurt again (like it did in the first trimester). And I’m feeling much sleepier than before, although that may have something to do with Beau being on his surgical rotation and getting up at 3:40 am (!!!!!!!!) every day as I’m left to fall back asleep. Yep. It’s as fun as it sounds.


As I keep trying to talk myself into giving up, I keep hearing Tony Horton in the back of my head. “Do your best, forget the rest.” Thanks a lot, Tony. He also always shows modifications in his videos, so that got me to thinking… What can I do to modify my workouts so I can keep going as long as possible?

Here are three items I’ve gotten off of Amazon that have helped me, either via placebo effect or otherwise keep pumping. (I’m not paid to say the below and I don’t get anything if you click the links either :))

  1. Belly band
    This belly band seems to help with my back and belly pain. Baby is squishing out my insides, and sometimes it feels like my belly is about to fall off with how much the baby is pushing out. This band kind of helps.
  2. Bike seat
    I’ve used this bike seat several times in my spin class, and while my butt still hurts after classes and the next day, it’s a whole lot better than the plain old bike seats at the gym. Also it comes in a bright pink/purple shade which is awesome.


  3. 40 ounce water bottle
    I got the purple water bottle pictured above around Memorial Day because I felt as though I wasn’t drinking enough water. My doc recommended at least consuming 2 liters/day, and with my little Camelback, I just wasn’t cutting it. I found this water bottle with a straw, and I haven’t drank water out of anything else since. It’s awesome.

Hopefully this motivates you whether or not you’re pregnant to stay exercising and make modifications as needed. Sheer grit and determination will take you a long way.


Med School Wife Life (FAQ)

You may or may know know that my husband is in medical school. He’s a year two (MS2) and he really enjoys learning all kinds of stuff, and so I like to tease and call him a nerd when he tries to explain something medically to me. I really try to understand what he’s saying but he uses all kinds of medical terminology so it’s hard for me to follow. Wow, I really got off track here.

Anyway, he’s a med student, so we are part of a population that people like to ask a lot of questions about. Most common questions:

  1. What are you going to study?
    • Well, since Beau is only in year two, he has no idea. “They” (the all-knowing medical gurus at school) say you won’t know until you start doing your rounds in years three and four. You will hopefully be able choose what you really enjoy doing depending on the scores from the dreaded STEP ONE test (the test you take about everything you learned from years one & two. Also called “boards” that you have to pass in order to move on to see patients).
  2. Where are you going to do your residency?
    • Depending on your STEP ONE test score and interviews (completed to residencies you have applied to in year four), you will be picked by one program on Match Day. That’s where you will go to residency. You will not know where until March of your fourth year in school.
  3. Do you study a lot?
    • Yes, all the time. It’s a job.

And the number one question I get asked all the time:

  1. What do you do while he studies?
    • Basically just retreat into my closet until he’s done. HA kidding (only slightly), it depends on the day. If it’s a weekday, I usually work out, read my Bible, cook dinner, tidy up the house, and get ready for the next day. On the weekend, I do more deep cleaning, sometimes go shopping, or I watch Netflix.

There are questions people ask over and over no matter what stage of life you’re in. When I was in high school, it was “where are you going to college?” In college, it was “What are you studying? When are you graduating? Do you have a job lined up?” I’ve learned that people are just trying to get to know you, and though it may be slightly annoying to answer the same question over and over, there’s no need to be rude or unkind.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!