Mid-December Update

Guys, my little nugget is almost 6 weeks old. The last six weeks have been… well. Life changing to say the least.

We’ve gotten our bearings a little, but not completely. I mean, how can you? How does anyone? The hardest part of having our sweet little newborn is the lack of sleep. Which everyone warns you about. But you don’t fully comprehend how little sleep you get until she’s here and waking you up. Day after day, week after week. Luckily she’s cute.

In other news, I’ve lost my baby weight, however my belly pooch lives on. Oh well. It seems that all my attempts to stay active and eat healthy have paid off. That was definitely one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life (my, how easy my life has been). But I’m anxious to get started again. The doc has cleared me for exercise, but I am taking it easy through the holidays. In January, I’ll be starting back slowly to exercise with walking to back to running. I’m hoping my back doesn’t give me trouble. I have also been planning on doing the January Whole30 challenge to get myself weaned off of sugar and back in the healthy mindset.

I’ve planned out several meals for the month, and will be hoping to meal prep for breakfast and lunches on the Saturday or Sunday before the week. It’s going to be tough with the baby but I’m hoping that it will actually make me have more energy on less sleep. Anyone else going to do a Whole30 in January?

Take it easy, have a merry Christmas & a happy new year!


Christmas Party Playlist

In honor of my company Christmas party today, here’s a list of my favorite songs of the season. I’m also wearing my Santa sweater and jingle bell earrings. Be jealous.

  1. Merry Christmas, Baby – The Maine feat. Brighten
  2. A Holly Jolly Christmas – Burl Ives
  3. Sleigh Rid4d148a60f01d5db19200a0a57fc18a09e – The Ronettes
  4. Santa Claus Is Back In Town – Elvis Presley
  5. (It Must’ve Been Ol’) Santa Claus – Harry Connick, Jr.
  6. I’ll Be Home for Christmas (If Only In My Dreams) – Frank Sinatra
  7. ‘Zat You, Santa Claus? – Louis Armstrong
  8. Pennies From Heaven – Louis Prima
  9. The Christmas Waltz – She & Him
  10. Last Christmas (Wham! Cover) – Taylor Swift
  11. The Christmas Song – Nat King Cole
  12. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – Michael Bublé
  13. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee
  14. Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Parts 1 & 2 LIVE – Louis Armstrong & His All-Stars
  15. Mele Kalikimaka – Single Version – Bing Crosby

Cold, dark, & stormy

Instead of being at work eating canned French onion soup, this is where I wish I was:


Home, in front of the fire & Christmas tree watching Elf.

I love Christmas (who doesn’t), but here are some of my MUST WATCH Christmas movies every year.

  • The Santa Clause
  • Fred Claus
  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Elf
  • A Year Without a Santa Claus
  • Santa Claus is Coming to Town
  • The Grinch (animated)
  • Various Hallmark movies (SO CHEESY & SO GOOD)

Love this time of year!

Christmas is here (in my house, anyway)

This may cause some controversy, but today I’m putting up Christmas decorations. I know, I know, Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. But I firmly believe in celebrating both holidays together. Why? Because they both revolve around getting together as a family and rejoicing in our blessings. I want to soak that up as much as possible.

Secondly, my husband and I trade off our holidays each year with our families. So, we miss out on a large chunk of enjoying the fall and Christmas decorations in our home either way.

Thirdly, I love traditions. I apparently was born with a deep-seated love for family traditions. I say I was born with it because I don’t really know where that comes from. When I was little, I was the unofficial keeper of the traditions and would become irritated (to put it lightly) if we forgot about one/neglected one. When I got married about two years ago, one of my fears was losing out on my favorite Christmas traditions (which include but are not limited to: decorating cookies while watching Christmas movies, drinking egg nog when putting up decorations, quoting every word to “The Santa Clause,” eating Skyline Chili and Graeter’s on Christmas Eve, receiving pajamas on Christmas Eve to wear on Christmas morning, etc.). Guess what? My husband, Beau, is all about humoring me in re: my traditions. And we have had a great time making new ones, like getting a hot chocolate from Starbucks and driving around looking at Christmas lights. And buying a special ornament that pertains to our year for a mini tree we have. And having a real wood-burning fire in our fireplace. And going Christmas shopping together while I wear an embarrassing Christmas sweater with elf ears on Christmas Eve.

Seesh, I can’t wait to get started. I’ve got a busy schedule ahead of me. And you’re wondering, “What’s this crazy Christmas elf in guise of a human woman talking about?”

TBH, I’m just trying to justify my extreme Christmas fervor. SHUT UP AND LET ME DO IT WITHOUT COMPLAINING OKAY.

Love you all. Merry Thanksgiving and Happy Christmas!