Mismash of Thoughts

Hello hello hello! No baby yet. The last few weeks have been a mixture of trying to get everything done while simultaneously being a complete couch potato. It’s been a mixed bag so far. ANYWAY!

Tomorrow is Halloween, and we’ve got enough candy stocked for any trick-or-treaters who may stop by. We didn’t get any last year that I know of, so we’ll see. Although, now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t think we were home last year. So that would explain the absence of candy-grabbers.

The fall leaves have been changing here, and I am LOVING it. It’s even gotten cold enough for a fire! in our fireplace, the first fire of the season! We lit it up last night while we started watching Stranger Things 2. We’ve only just finished episode two, but I personally think it’s going a little slowly. I’m not going to give up on it. But I think it should’ve picked up by the second episode. The audience is getting slowly back into everyday life in Hawkins. Maybe that’s what they’re trying to say–everyday life in Hawkins IS slow. POINT PROVEN. Will watch more and report back.

Hope you are enjoying the seasons changing… & before you know it, pretty soon it will be time to put my Christmas tree up (mid-November HEHE). Happy Halloween!


Treadmill Blues

Going to the gym to run on the treadmill is not my ideal form of running. I like running outside and listening to my preferred playlist. However, running outside is not always feasible for me. I live in an apartment, and there are not great trails in my neighborhood. So, in the winter, I will go to the gym.


The single best thing I’ve found to do for myself when running inside on a treadmill (not a track, there’s not one at my gym) is to watch a really high intensity show like 24. This not only keeps my heart rate up, but also keeps my attention. It also helps to not have seen the show a lot. If I watch The Office when I run it feels like the run will never be over since I know everything that’s going to happen & my mind starts to wander.


Another way to mix up the gym in the winter is by using the elliptical sometimes too. It’s definitely not ideal, but if you cannot stomach the idea of running another single step on the stupid treadmill, it’s definitely worth it to switch up the machine to prevent burnout.

Also, create your own vengeance running scenarios like Mindy Kaling should also work if you don’t have access to a TV.


Werkin fer the weeken

What’re your favorite Friday night plans?

Ever since I’ve been little, I have loved staying in on Friday nights for pizza and a movie. Once, I made fake movie posters and tickets for a showing of Spiderman (yes, with Tobey Maguire–it may have been my first PG-13 movie). There’s just something about getting into your jammies and watching a movie that is so fun to me.

My husband and I always watch movies on VidAngel. We LOVE their platform, and it works great on our Roku. They allow us to watch movies we wouldn’t normally be able to by using filters after we purchase the movie from their app. So, stuff we would normally not watch (typically movies that are rated R) we can! And it’s great. The only feature I kind of wish they would add for cursing is to substitute other words for the curse words so that way  we could hear the whole sentence (because some sentences that are completely lifted out are important), but I’m not sure how that works legally.

Another site we use for movies that are just hitting the box office is called Kids in Mind (which is not just for kids, despite its title). The site rates movies so we don’t have to waste people’s time at the box office for walking out of movies that are too crazy for viewing.

Basically, I can’t wait to watch a movie and eat pizza in my jammies. That is all.


Gilmore girls

Guys, how have we not talked about the girls yet??? SPOILERS AHEAD.

So, I didn’t (as I would if I had been watching the show alone):

  • binge-watch
  • hear everything because there were a bunch of people in the house

I’m re-watching this week to make sure I’ve heard and understood everything. But first, let me back up and tell you my origin story with the Gilmores. SERIOUSLY THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD.

I was probably in seventh or eighth grade when my old friend Jenny got me hooked on the show. She had several of the first few seasons, and we would watch them at sleepovers. I was hooked, and she let me borrow them to catch up. I never watched the show in real-time because I couldn’t catch up from the DVDs. Luckily, my grandmother and mom kept buying me seasons to watch and I purchased a mini-DVD/TV player for my room just to watch from the comfort of my bed. I don’t remember when I watched the last episode, but when I went to college, I watched the show constantly. It was on as background noise while I did homework and studied. I easily have seen/heard the show at least a comprehensive total of six times. At least. Every September, I start it over again. Since the rise of Netflix, they have only made it easier for me to binge-watch. I never expected them to get together again, but there have always been rumblings. I had read about the “last four words” and wondered what they could’ve been, but never spent much time obsessing since it seemed unlikely that they would be uttered. But, our wildest dreams happened. They came back. They are back. What would happen? Would Rory + Jess finally happen (as we all know should happen if everything went correctly, but now seems unlikely)? Would Rory be working at the NYT like she had always dreamed? Would Lorelai + Luke finally get married? Would she have franchised the Dragonfly like her dad wanted by now? Would Sookie & Jackson ever stop having kids? I can continue my speculation, but I’m going to stop now.

SERIOUSLY THESE ARE SPOILERS. Like, turn away right now because they’re starting immediately following the period at the end of this sentence.

Rory: So, Rory’s pregnant? Hmm. Do I believe it? I mean… Yes? It just seems so obvious. My husband and I had several theories (he’s never seen the show), but before watching settled on the last one of: “Mom, I am pregnant.” See, that’s four words. And they could have gone for Lorelai to Emily, or Rory to Lorelai. I didn’t publish this beforehand so it doesn’t count as “calling it.” I digress.

Yeah, it seems possible with Rory’s life falling apart that she forgot to prevent pregnancy. But it seems like she wouldn’t. That’s not Rory, Mrs. Pro/Con List, valedictorian,  Yale grad. In order to believe she’s falling apart, I need some context. I need to know what Rory’s been doing for the past nine years besides flying back and forth to London. Did her grandfather dying send her into a tailspin (doesn’t seem like it). Did another Mitchum Huntzberger tell her she didn’t “have it?” (Sidebar: did he call it or what? She certainly does not appear to have it. Also, so did Paris, when she looked up the statistics on the post-grad lives of valedictorians back in season 3). What exactly did the “creds” of following Barack Obama provide her? She should have at least been doing some writing then to lead her into politics (Sidebar: if they didn’t take any of the last season into account, that’s total baloney). WHY IS SHE SO NOT RORY??

Some questions about her relationship with Logan: why is she “in Vegas with Logan” (insert a–ah, so that’s what the kids are calling it these days) when she broke it off with Dean for a very similar reasoning? Why would Logan date her again after he proposed to her and she turned him down? Sure, I can believe they just can’t break it off with each other due to some level of attraction, but Rory’s not the “in Vegas” type of girl, as we saw when she tried to break up with him back in season 5, episode 19. Why is she a “casual dater” now? Why doesn’t she revisit marrying Logan? It seemed like her big hangup was that she wanted to focus on her career. Why don’t they at least talk about it? Their last exchange is a bizarre night at a tango club and spending the night in a B&B. Rory only asks Logan if he’s seriously marrying Odette. He responds essentially by saying his father is making him. Not a great answer. Logan fought for Rory in the past by bringing out the big guns (coffee cart, Lorelai’s letter) and now, this? Disappointing fizzling out to end to a pretty good past relationship.

All which brings me to: Jess. He is now officially too good for Rory.e5d45eab567d9a84e7e61477fabb6f07.jpg

Could he be her white knight in the inevitable new series? Everyone is saying Chris:Lorelai::Logan:Rory and therefore, Luke:Lorelai::Jess:Rory. Too much full circle for me, but now that our girl Rory is bottoming out, maybe it’s time for Jess to stick with her like she did for him. I would love to see Rory reach bottom and I would also like for her to start having some realizations in regards to her career. For instance, don’t go to a job interview unprepared despite thinking the job is beneath you. Also, don’t sit around waiting on a job interview without writing on the side and continuing to build your base. Another tip is to actually negotiate some pay for a job that was likely able to swing something, no matter how menial (here’s looking at you, Stars Hollow Gazette). So many tips Ms. Rory Gilmore. Again, I’m fine with her making these mistakes, but I would like some sort of understanding on how her actions have caused her to be in that situation. Typical millennial gots no hustle.

Lorelai: How are she and Luke not married by now? Nine years later. Un. Believe. Able. The chick had proposed to Luke. You don’t do that unless you’re seriously in love. However, (she at least) acknowledges it in one of her therapy sessions. As my creative writing teacher used to say, (I’m paraphrasing here) acknowledgement is the first step to suspending disbelief. (I don’t mean to go back to Rory, but that’s the main problem with the last four words. There’s nothing for us to acknowledge because it goes full Sopranos on us. I’m not salty.) Anyway, so they aren’t married & they’ve settled down in their life. There are little missed conversations that happen (I can’t attest to not speaking my mind about everything 100% of the time, but perhaps that happens in relationships after 9+ years) to build up barriers between them. This seems true to their form, even though after the April fiasco, they had promised to keep it 100 with each other. She ends up going on a “Wild” trip (which was hilarious and I loved–the emotional phone call to Emily, how she never ends up hiking, all amazing) and decides that she’s ready to get married. I loved how Luke goes on one of his rants due to his misinterpretation of her actions and once again, Luke completely missed his opportunity to ask for Lorelai’s hand in marriage. But that’s how Lorelai is. Her way or the highway, baby. She makes the decisions & Luke, stubborn, crotchety ole softy that he is, goes along. True to form, (I ain’t mad about it) but I’d like to see Luke make a decision for the two of them that Lorelai goes along with.

I also appreciated how Lorelai finally wanted to finally grow the Dragonfly per Michel’s suggestions. In life, it’s easy to fall into a trap of contentment and/or being afraid to grow, but I never got that feeling from Lorelai in the series. She fled her parents house as a teen mom, she got her business degree while running the Independence Inn, then she opened her own inn, all the while she raised a daughter alone. Lorelai has been (basically) fearless when it comes to business decisions and her financial life, but she seemed timid this time around. Why had she lost her way? Again, I need more fleshing out.

Aside from all this, I couldn’t stand the musical. It went on for entirely too long. There was plenty of room for more important storylines in this block. Additionally, THIS was the moment they chose from all the great festivals in Stars Hollow? I mean, I guess I understand having a cameo from Sutton Foster, but at what cost? The ninety minute eps do a real disservice to the story. They should have stuck with the old formatting and done a few more episodes to flesh out the big kahuna storyline (Rory’s pregnancy). I know, I know, scheduling blah blah blah. If you’re going to revisit Stars Hollow, do it right!

I know I talked about all the things I would improve and not the stuff I liked, but isn’t that the Gilmore way?

Let me know your thoughts! I also will update a few things once I finish re-watching.