Werkin fer the weeken

What’re your favorite Friday night plans?

Ever since I’ve been little, I have loved staying in on Friday nights for pizza and a movie. Once, I made fake movie posters and tickets for a showing of Spiderman (yes, with Tobey Maguire–it may have been my first PG-13 movie). There’s just something about getting into your jammies and watching a movie that is so fun to me.

My husband and I always watch movies on VidAngel. We LOVE their platform, and it works great on our Roku. They allow us to watch movies we wouldn’t normally be able to by using filters after we purchase the movie from their app. So, stuff we would normally not watch (typically movies that are rated R) we can! And it’s great. The only feature I kind of wish they would add for cursing is to substitute other words for the curse words so that way  we could hear the whole sentence (because some sentences that are completely lifted out are important), but I’m not sure how that works legally.

Another site we use for movies that are just hitting the box office is called Kids in Mind (which is not just for kids, despite its title). The site rates movies so we don’t have to waste people’s time at the box office for walking out of movies that are too crazy for viewing.

Basically, I can’t wait to watch a movie and eat pizza in my jammies. That is all.



Author: kelspresso

Ambassador of Christ. Here's all you need to know: I love God, my family, and coffee.

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