Monday, Monday (After Holiday Work Blues)

Guys, it’s tough to come back from a holiday weekend. Like, TOUGH. We are almost through it though. Hang in there!

My parents are moving and this holiday was bittersweet, since I was able to be home with them, but the house that I love so much is being sold and they are moving on.

“Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”
― Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

In memoriam of my house, here are my favorite memories there:

  • Getting married:
    • My husband and I were married in the living room in front of our Christmas tree there. It was the chillest day ever. My cousin and my sister and I went to Publix on the morning of the wedding to pick up the cake. They did my hair in my bathroom before the wedding.
  • Got engaged:
    • After a series of strange occurrences, my now-husband showed up on the front porch to ask me to be his wife. I said yes, and we went to Smashburger with my family to celebrate. Then we watched Red 2 as a family in the living room (fitting as our first date in college was Red). The next day, my sister took our “announcement” pic in front of the Christmas tree.
  • Spent time with mom and dad as an “only child” again:
    • I’m the oldest, and after I graduated college, I came home for the summer. Once my brother & sister went away to school I got to hang out with my parents when I got home from work. We watched 24 and ate a lot amazing food. It was the best. I love my siblings, but it’s nice to be an only child for a little while.
  • The neighborhood pool:
    • The setup at our neighborhood pool was awesome. There was a slide and I was old enough to get in the water during adult swim which made me feel really cool.
  • Living in the Carolinas:
    • Since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to be a “Carolina girl.” My nana and Granddaddy had always lived in North Carolina when I was growing up, and I wanted to be a Carolina girl just like my nana.
  • Quick trips to Boone & Charleston:
    • These places were only a hop, skip, and a jump from my house. The mountains and the beach are within a few hours of each other. Which is awesome.

Thank you, house, for being the best. I will miss you.


Author: kelspresso

Ambassador of Christ. Here's all you need to know: I love God, my family, and coffee.

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