Zombie commute

Does anyone else feel like they’re surrounded by zombies? Because it seems like when I’m driving to work, I’m surrounded by people all going the same speed in every single lane so I can’t pass anyone. I don’t think it’s because of the early hour, but maybe it is. Maybe people are completely zoned out while they drive.

I am generally right on time to work if not a little late, so maybe that accounts for my awareness of the speed and time. But I’ve been leaving earlier to make it on time, and I’m running into the same problem. It seems to me that people should want to spend less time on the roads. All I’m saying is hurry up y’all, I got to be places.

Perhaps I’m being too harsh. Zooey Deschanel said,


But are mornings really that difficult? If so, why?

I am by no means a “morning person.” When I was in second grade, Mom would wake me up for school and I would go into the bathroom to get ready. On more than one morning, she found me curled up on the rug in the bathroom… snoozing.

I think we can all aspire to greatness. Let’s man up, people! We CAN do this thing called life. Let’s stop being lethargic and let’s start caring, because life’s not always easy, but it’s worth it.

#morningrantover #nowforsomecoffee #maybeiamgrumpy #maybeiamaffectedbymornings


Author: kelspresso

Ambassador of Christ. Here's all you need to know: I love God, my family, and coffee.

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